Astro Trip was developed for a client that had severe physical disabilities. This meant that we had several limitations and the biggest one being that the game had to be entirely playable by just 2 buttons.
I worked as the Lead Designer of a team of 6 members which included: 2 designers, 2 developers, 1 producer and 1 artist. I primarily worked on the main idealization and concept creation of the game as well as on balancing and building new levels.
The game is a simple 2d platformer that has the player jump their way through the levels collecting items and attempting to reach the end of each level with the least amount of moves.
Others that were not impaired by disabilities also showed a large amount of interest in the game which meant that we could think of a mobile version of the game to be made later to attend to that audience.
This game was created as a project for Hanze University of Applied Sciences but also to sell towards our target audience.

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